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Worker Welfare

At Sparrow Group, our employees come first. We aim to empower and educate our workers in the best of our ability to maximize productivity and value both in the factory and also their personal lives. Sparrow group has implemented many training and development programs along with yearly picnics to create a close-knit community in the working space. Additionally, worker safety and health protections is the utmost priority for Sparrow. 


Training and Development


Sparrow invests in its workers by providing them with knowledge that better prepares them for their job, for promotions and also in their personal lives. These training topics include:

  • Soft skill training for Management positions.

  • Training for leader positions.

  • Reproductive health information and hygiene. 

  • Harassment and bullying in accordance with grievance and disciplinary policies.

  • Mental health training and meditations. 

Health & Safety

Sparrow ensures the safety of their employees. We make sure any health or safety concerns are mitigated, so employees can work without worry. We provide:

  • Medical center with trained doctors and nurses.

  • Emergency rooms for unprecedented events. 

  • Family planning and reproductive health consulting. 

  •  Separate doctors for men and women.

  • Mental health training and meditations. 

  • Regular health checks by professionals (Lung, Ear and Eyes). 

  • Planted 1000 trees across workspace for worker relaxation and mental health.



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Sparrow Group values togetherness, and strives to create a community of individuals who enjoy working together and bring out the best of one another through:

  • Hosting annual picnics which include a special venue, local musical artists and food for group celebration.

  • Frequent social gatherings by department for team bonding.

  • Planted 1000 trees across workspace for worker relaxation and mental health.

Other welfare programs

Sparrow also provides programs to ease and mitigate any problems in workers lives especially if they interfere with their work. Such as:

  • Child day care centers for mothers who have children that need to be taken care of. 

  • Private Breast Feeding facilities for working mothers.

  • Financial support grants for any emergencies or special needs of workers. 

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