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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sparrow Group strives to maintain its CSR by implementing programs to create the most just and equitable working environment for employees. Many of these programs are in collaboration with our clients and constitute as globally recognized programs. 
Our CSR Programs:
P.A.C.E (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement)
Marks and Start Program
Her Health
GEAR (Gender Equality and Returns)
TT & TB vaccination

Program in collaboration with GAP, created to support women in the global apparel industry. The program provides women with foundational life skills, technical training and support that will help them advance in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Program in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and CRP with the objective of training and employing disabled people in the Garments sector. 

Program in collaboration with CARE international which aims to empower workers and strengthen access to services in-factory and adjacent communities by raising awareness on key health and dignified issues. 

Program in collaboration with Ann Taylor to empower women in the Garments industry through family planning, reproductive health knowledge, nutrition and financial literacy training.

Program in collaboration with BetterWork which aims to uphold maternal rights, and provide breast feeding and child caring services in the Garments Factory

Program in collaboration with M&S and ILO which provides training to female workers to become factory supervisors, receive other relevant promotions, and earn higher wages. 

Program in collaboration with Bhaluka Upazali Health Complex which allows garments workers to receive TT (Tetanus Toxoid) Vaccination and TB (Tuberculosis) free of cost. 

Our Partners

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CSR Photo Gallery
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