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Our History

Fabric Detail

Sparrow was founded in 1984 by Professor Dr. Mahzharul Islam.  Professor Dr. Islam was an eminent educationist and organizer of the Liberation war of Bangladesh. Professor Dr Islam contributed immensely to the Garments sector of Bangladesh and was one of the visionaries of the country who believed in the ability of the hardworking people of Bangladesh. With this vision, Professor Dr Islam and few of his entrepreneur students helped propel the emerging Garments sector of Bangladesh in the early 80s. As of today, the Garments sector is the country’s largest source of revenue with $34 billion. It is also the biggest contributor to the country’s exports and employment. After the death of Professor Dr. Islam in 2005, Shovon Islam took over as Managing Director and Owner of Sparrow. Shovon Islam, son of Professor Islam, has completed is MBA from Stanford and worked as software engineer at Hewlett Packard for 24 years. In 2008, Sparrow formed a joint venture with Ambattur Clothing Limited (ACL), an established and renowned Garments manufacturer based in India. The Joint-Venture proved highly valuable in Sparrow’s growth as the company benefited from the experience, managerial expertise, design expertise and efficiency of ACL. Since its start, Sparrow has implemented various programs to align with its many values and goals to conduct ethical business, one of which is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  With its dedicated and empowered workforce, Sparrow is able to provide the utmost superior and excellent service to its Customers and Buyers. Sparrow’s record of on-time delivery, low re-inspection rates, 100% Order to Ship rate, high employee retention and 20% plus growth rate per year are the evidence of our success.

Our Mission

Build a better Bangladesh

Provide diverse product range, and create a multi-country delivery

Create the best Customer Experience

Find Innovative Solutions

Empower our Workforce

Our Values





Customer Satisfaction

Our Philosophy

Conducting Ethical Business and Manufacturing

Recognizing workforce as greatest asset

Creating a community

Protecting the environment

Message from CEO

People are my biggest Asset,

Sparrow Group's main focus has always been Products, Customers and People.  We have been able to maintain a leading position in Bangladesh's fast growing Garments sector due to our sharp focus on these three main pillars. We always focus on producing the leading edge products of the best brands. We believe in innovation and design, and almost 50% of our products are our own design. Our sampling, fabric sourcing and 3D technology usage is unparalleled. But behind all these are people and leaders of the company who drive everything. People remain our biggest asset and we can’t lead this industry without professional, highly motivated, and highly qualified people, who are loyal to the company and believe in the work they do. I enjoy creating and working with leaders, in the hope we can do honest work together and conducting ethical business.

Shovon Islam, Owner & Managing Director


Company Profile


Joint Venture with ACL

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