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Safety Measures

Sparrow Group recognizes the safety risks associated with working with various types of machinery and thus ensures the full safety of all our employees. 

Sparrow Group has Achieved 100% Completion of Structural, Fire and Electrical Safety Certification in accordance with Accord and Alliance. 


Safety Measures implemented:

  • Fire safe building layout.

  • Monthly fire drills to train workers to evacuate safely.

  • Special fire trainees on each floor who lead fire evacuation and are trained with fire hose. 

  • Machine emergency lights to signal if machine is not functioning correctly.

  • Trained professional guards around factory perimeter to protect employees. 

  • Earthquake protected building, along with building checks every 6 months. 

  • Labor Link Project (Application to survey factory conditions) with highest rating in all 3 stages. 


COVID-19 Measures

Our employee health is our number one priority. After government resumed factory operations, we have taken measures to mitigate transmission and ensure safety of our employees:

  • Sanitation booths placed around factory.

  • Factory premises (especially touch surfaces) are sanitized and cleaned frequently through the day. 

  • Full body sanitation booth before entry into factory.

  • Daily temperature checks before entry.

  • Social distancing and hand wash signs placed across factory. 

  • Appropriate medicine provided to doctors such as Remdesivir.

  • Quarantine rooms created for workers. 

  • Masks are Mandatory. 

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