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Special Abilities 


Special Abilities Include:

  • Various Washes such as Enzyme, Bleach, Snow Wash, Random Bleach, Tinting Color spray, PP spray, Snow Wash, Resin, Tinting.

  • Garments dying abilities such as Reactive, Pigment, Reactive + Pigment and Double Dye.

  • Denim abilities such as Eco Wash, Ozone, Laser and eFlow.

  • 3D Laser technology (Jenologia Flexi HS 3D laser) with Continuous Marking Table, fully automatic head 3D and artificial Vision positioning.

  • Automated Dip Dying.

  • Automated Cutting for efficiency.

  • Dry processing methods such as with Curing Oven, with Conveyer, Chemical Application cabinet with Conveyor, 3D Crinkle Machine with Vacuum, , Automatic Horizontal Scrapping, and Brushing Machine.

Sparrow Group aims to constantly innovate production in the Garments Industry. Sparrow utilizes state of the art machinery from Italy, China and India, allowing the highest quality production, finishes, and quality assurance. 


Sparrow Boasts Unparalleled Quality Management

Sparrow Group uses state of the art equipment and technology to ensure the best possible quality. 

Quality tests processes:

  • Pre-production Quality check of fabric.

  • Quality check with client requirements between every stage of production (from cutting to packing).

  • Tear Test with machine.

  • pH Test with chemicals and machine.

  • Water Retention Test with machine.

  • Abrasion and Fabric Peel Test with machine.

  • Light Exposure Test with machine.

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