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Sustainability & Environment


Sparrow Group understands the importance of protecting the environment and only uses sustainable methods of manufacturing. Sparrow aims to maximize water efficiency, energy efficiency, proper waste management and eco-friendly practices.  

Sustainable Raw Materials

Sparrow only uses sustainable raw materials in its production process such as:

  • BCI Cotton / Organic Cotton

  • Recycled Polyesters (Repreve / Recron Green)

  • Ecovera Viscose

  • Tencel / Bamboo / Hemp

  • Recycled water for processing

  • ZDHC Chemicals for dyeing

Colorful Threads

Energy Efficiency

Sparrow Group uses energy efficient machinery that minimizes its energy use. In 2019 the cumulative electricity saved was 5.5% and cumulative diesel saved was 18%.

  • Uses laundry with energy efficient washing technique which requires less running time and less steam resulting in energy saving.

  • Increased use of Natural Gas and CNG.

  • 100% Servo motors for all sewing machines.

  •  Energy efficient industrial exhaust fans.

  • Shift from tubelights to LED lights.

  • Heat Recovery Boilers.

  • Natural Gas based boilers.

Water Efficiency

Sparrow Group ensures that water use is streamlined and minimized to lead to water efficient and sustainable manufacturing methods.   In 2019 the cumulative water saved was 15%.

  • eWash saving up to 35%

  • Innovative spray technologies like Jeanologia eflow to increase water saving up to 60% compared to conventional wash methods.

  • Rain Water Harvesting to reduce water consumption.

  • Reuse treated water in Gardening and Fire reservoir.

  • Front loading washers and Zero water based washer.

  • eFlow, Laser and Ozone based washes.


Proper Waste Management

Sparrow Group pushes to ensure that all waste is properly treated and released safely into the environment. 

  • Replaced poly bag usage across the facility with cloth bags.

  • Only use Eco-Chemicals such as Garmon Gepower NPS & ATB 710, Mistozyme LX, Clearsil ROT and Saysoft SLC.

  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous chemicals by 2022.

  • Eliminate single use PET bottles in the facility.

  • Work with raw material suppliers to eliminate non-reusable packaging materials by 2020.

  • Advanced ETP and Water Purification Plant to reuse and recycle water. 

Sustainable & Green initiatives

Sparrow Group strives to conduct sustainable manufacturing and have implemented many green programs.  

  • Plant trees around factory complex.

  • Plant 1000 small plants across each floor. 

  • 20% reduction in Green House Gases by Dec 2022 through control of Generator & Boiler emissions by installing air quality control device.

  • Implemented Environmental Management System to review, evaluate and improve environmental performance  through constant monitoring.

  • Installed Solar Panels to provide power for warehouses.


How do we stay on track?


Sparrow is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and thus uses the HIGG index developed by the SAC, the HIGG index, to evaluate our progress in practicing sustainable manufacturing and conservation techniques.

  • Sparrow and Crown are rated HIGG Index Level-3.

  • Enables frequent measure of progress at every stage in sustainability journey.

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