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Sparrow and Ambattur Clothing Ltd (ACL) formed a Joint-Venture.

ACL is a leading garments manufacturer in India, with production spread across three countries. ACL started manufacturing internationally in 1980, and boasts great experience in the Garments Industry. ACL are industry experts in terms of Product Development, Marketing and utilizing Garments Technology. 


Benefits Of Joint Venture 

  • Industry Expertise and Management expertise from ACL.

  • Product Development expertise and technology in forecasting trends.

  • Provide sourcing of raw material to develop collections.

  • Experienced Marketing team with strong communication with clients.

  • Innovation and R&D with implementation of new washes, styles, and finishes.

  • Fashion tech and 3-D technology. 

Results Of Joint Venture 

  • Revenue Growth from 15 million USD to 150+USD since 2007 (900% Increase).

  • Increase in pieces per year from 2 million to 18 million since 2007 (800% Increase).

  • Product diversification with adoption of new buyers, and production of new styles.

  • New factory (Tusker Apparel) built in Jordan with 19 lines and 1300 Machines.

  • Strong Relationship built between India and Bangladesh Garments Sphere. 

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