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Sparrow Group of Industries

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Recent Initiative

Sparrow Management team is constantly pushing the envelope to take the Productivity, Quality and Safety of the manufacturing units to new heights. Here are some new initiatives that Sparrow management team has taken:

Better Works Program:

Sparrow has recently join the Better Works program of ILO and working with the Better Works team to make all its unit fully compliant with Better Works


Sparrow have also started the GAP Inc.’s PACE Initiative which focuses on creating empowered Women Leader within the factory environment.

HERs Project:

Sparrow Group has been long term participant of HER’s project and trained more than 2000 people in all its Units. HER’s project is a leading program for improving the Hygiene and Health of Women’s workers within a factory environment. The program is still ongoing and more Women are getting trained every day.

Alliance Helpline for Workers

First Participant from Bangladesh on Alliance Helpline for Employees
Employees can directly call to the Alliance Operated Helpline
All the Employees have been trained to use the helpline and express their happiness or grievances
Encouraged and spearheaded by the CEO Shawn Islam