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Sparrow Group of Industries

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Our Story

Sparrow Group is one of the pioneers in Garments Manufacturing in Bangladesh. The journey started in 1984 with Sparrow Apparels Limited with only 200 people. The Group now have multiple manufacturing units with over 11,000 people and the revenue reaching 100+ Million US dollar or 800 Core Bangladesh Taka. The founder of the Sparrow is one of eminent educationist, intellectual and organizer of the Liberation war and Independence of Bangladesh Professor Dr. Mazharul Islam. The multi-talented Professor contributed immensely in the Garments sector of Bangladesh and one of the visionary of the country who believed in the ability of the under privileged and hardworking people of Bangladesh particularly the women. With the vision Professor Islam and few of his entrepreneur students the Garments sector of Bangladesh started in early 80s and became the largest export and employment sector of the country. Sparrow has been taken over by Shovon Islam (Shawn), son of Professor Islam who is a computer scientist and studied and lived in USA for 24 years in 2005 after the death of Professor Islam. Sparrow has joined hand with Ambattur Clothing Limited (ACL), one of the largest, visionary and highest quality Garments manufacturers in India in 2008. With the Join-Venture and under very efficient and visionary leadership of Viju Mahtaney (ACL) and Shovon Islam (Shawn) Sparrow has seen a very rapid but planned and sustainable growth in terms of revenue and product mixes. Chayan Islam, ex Member of Parliament and elder brother of Shovon Islam also played a key role behind the growth and success of Sparrow. Sparrow is currently producing the highest quality garments for the largest retailers and brand of the World such as GAP, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Tailbots, Loft, American Eagle, KOHLs, Old Navy, Bass Pro, Zara, Mango and many others. The export from Sparrow is exceeding 1.1 Million units per month with around 600,000 units of Pants and 500,000 units of Shirts and Women’s Top. Sparrow management believes that good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices mean good business. With its dedicated workforce who are empowered, belongings and true ownership for the company, Sparrow is able to provide Professional, superior and excellent Service to its Customers. Sparrow’s record in on-time delivery, very low re-inspection rate, 100% plus order to Ship rate, low employee turnovers and 20% plus growth rate per year are the testimony of its success.